The Education Services Guide 2022-2023 is finally ON!

| 12 September 2022

The Route of Mines and Points of Mining and Geological Interest in Portugal (Roteiro de Minas e Pontos de Interesse Mineiro e Geológico em Portugal) promotes the broad offer of different locations, where educational services and activities, directed for schools, are of particular relevance. These are also granted in the several platforms on which the “Route” is present.

The current edition of the “Guide” is a continuous response to schools’ needs, concerning the organization of field-site visits, and the promotion of other training experiences.

The guide for the 2022-2023 school year contributes to the offer of the “Route of Mines and Points of Interest in Mining and Geology in Portugal” partners, providing other resources and proposing interesting pedagogical activities – in a hybrid/presential mode. These can also be developed in different contexts in which educational practices are today used and presented.

The Education Services Guide can be consulted or downloaded.

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