Vision, Mission and Values


To be an industry leader in the sustainable development of Portuguese Mining.


The company’s mission consists of two dimensions:

  • One oriented towards maximizing knowledge of the country’s mineral resources, their recovery and economic exploitation, in order to optimize the company’s asset management and create value for shareholders;
  • Another associated with the rehabilitation and recovery, in the environmental sphere, of degraded and abandoned former mining areas, and consequent monitoring and control, especially of former uranium mines, in order to comply with international standards governing the sector.

Additionally, EDM’s mission also consists of:

  • Conducting studies and providing services in the fields of earth sciences, engineering sciences, energy and the environment, as well as cooperating with other entities, at home or abroad, in research projects of common interest;
  • On its own initiative or in a partnership, the exercise of activities for the prospection, research and exploitation of mineral resources;
  • The management of real estate and holdings owned by the company or where management powers have been entrusted to the company;
  • and the performance of other industrial or commercial activities or services, either directly or in association with third parties, related to the main activities.

Trust – to demonstrate high standards of trust and credibility to those with whom the company forms relationships.

Ethics – to perform all acts in a highly ethical manner.

Competence – to promote knowledge and know-how as the cornerstones of its actions.

Efficiency – to guarantee processes that are based on simplicity, rigour and that generate value.

Transparency – to act responsibly in full compliance with all commitments assumed.

Sustainability – to ensure the growth of the company and promote the development of the regions in which it conducts its operations.

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