Lagoa Salgada

Copper - Zinc
Lagoa Salgada

EDM has signed a consortium agreement with Redcorp, which is a Canadian-owned company with which is to implement an exploration and research project called Lagoa Salgada. Under this consortium, EDM holds 15%.

The agreement concerned is for the exploration and research of mineral deposits including Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Tin, Manganese, Barium and Pyrites with an area of 133 km2 and is located in the municipalities of Alcácer do Sal and Grandôla, to the south of the city of Setúbal.

The “Lagoa Salgada” mass is located in the Iberian Pyrite Belt, an area of high mineral potential, a fact identified through the performance of core analysis, which identified the mineralization of copper, lead, zinc, gold and silver.

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