Saint Barbara’s Celebration at Couto Mineiro do Pejão

| 06 December 2022

EDM-Empresa de Desenvolvimento Mineiro, S.A. and the Cultural Association of Couto Mineiro do Pejão celebrated, on the 4th of December, the day of Saint Barbara (Patron Saint of Miners), in the old mines of Pejão.

The celebrations were marked by a set of initiatives providing the evocation and respect of the mining memory, crossing this strong identity with other cultural areas, such as music and literature.

The official ceremony also served for the launch of the company’s future investment in that region, regarding the rehabilitation of Germunde Well 1 (PG1).

The event was attended by EDM’s Board of Directors, Mr. Gonçalo Rocha, Mrs. Zélia Estevão and Mr. Jorge Cristino, the Municipal Council and Assembly of Castelo de Paiva, represented by Mr. José Rocha and Mr. Almiro Moreira, respectively, and the Union of Parishes of Raiva, Pedorido and Paraíso, with Mr. Joaquim Martins, as well as several Mayors, entities, collectivities and local personalities.

The PG1 intervention will have an estimated €2M work value, which will be supported by EDM-Empresa de Desenvolvimento Mineiro S.A., within the scope of the next PT2030 Community Framework. This work will be part of a decontamination and recovery project to promote the efficient stabilization, recovery and enhancement of the historical mining heritage, and the improvement of environmental conditions.

As for the rest of the commemorative programme, we highlight a Mass with the Coral Group of the “Banda dos Mineiros do Pejão” – an homage to the former Mineiros do Pejão group -,  also the book presentation “Do carvão à mais bela de todas as artes by the Banda de Música dos Mineiros do Pejão” with the presence of the authors, Mr. Manuel Joaquim Correia Soares and Mrs. Olinda Tavares Noronha, and finally the band’s concert at Igreja Matriz de Pedorido (with a tribute to Maestro Boaventura Moreira).

EDM-Empresa de Desenvolvimento Mineiro, S.A. thanks everyone who participated and contributed to the success of this initiative, with a special mention to the Cultural Association of Couto Mineiro do Pejão, the Castelo de Paiva City Council, the union of parishes of Raiva – Pedorido – Paraíso, the “Grupo de Danças e Cantares do Paraíso”, António Capelo, “Banda dos Mineiros do Pejão”, former Mineiros do Pejão group, “Estátuas Livres”, Adélio Gomes – Photographer and Aquapura Terrace.

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