Open Competition for the Environmental Reclamation of the Mondego Sul Uranium Mine

| 27 June 2017

The EDM – Empresa de Desenvolvimento Mineiro, SA, has just launched the tendering procedure for the contracted remediation of the former uranium exploration area of Mondego Sul in Tábua, a project supported by POSEUR that represents an investment of around 5.4 million euros.

The deadline for applications for the prior qualification of companies ends on 10/7/2017. It is expected to be completed by early 2019.

The project aims at eliminating, in the long term, the risk factors that constitute a threat to people’s health and safety, and the economic, cultural and scientific valorisation of the recovered areas.

Located by the Aguieira reservoir in the municipality of Tábua, this investment will allow the conditioning, stabilization and sealing of the waste materials and landscaping around the former exploration area, which will be maintained with water inside.

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