Environmental Remediation of six former radioactive Mining Areas in Trancoso

| 22 November 2022

In November 17th, EDM-Empresa de Desenvolvimento Mineiro, S.A. presented in a joint session with the Municipality of Trancoso, the framework to be carried out within the Contract for Environmental Remediation of the Mining Areas.

Held in the Multiuse Pavillion of Trancoso, the meeting presented the purposes for the Mining Areas of Ferreiros (Rio de Mel parish), Barrôco do Ouro and A-do-Cavalo (Moreira de Rei parish), Quinta das Seixas (Cótimos parish), Lenteiros and Reboleiro (Reboleiro parish). The investment in the application amounts a total 6 million euros, where 3.4 million euros refers only to the contract that takes place in this Municipality.

The session was chaired by Professor Amílcar José Nunes Salvador, President of the Municipality of Trancoso, and aimed to explain to the local authorities and population about the environmental remediation work that will be carried out in the region.

Representing EDM as speakers were the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Gonçalo Rocha, accompanied by Mr. Luís Alves, who gave a brief overview of EDM, as a public company with the concession to carry out the activity of environmental recovery in degraded mining areas.

Meanwhile, Mr. Carlos Martins, in his capacity as Project Contract Manager, addressed to the audience the main objectives of the project, in a synthetic, objective and enlightening way.

Carlos Martins explained how the environmental remediation of the six former mining areas of radium and uranium exploration, that for decades were abandoned, are in need of an intervention. He also detailed how the rehabilitation process of the contaminated areas can promote a better environment and public health for all those who live in nearby locations.

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