Conference “Critical Raw Materials in the Climate Transition Era”

| 03 October 2023

Critical Raw Materials for a rapid climate transition.

The Conference “Critical Raw Materials in the Climate Transition Era” will take place on October 25th in Aljustrel.


The main objective of this meeting is to create an informed debate regarding the supply processes of critical raw materials.

Therefore, the main goal is to increase awareness of the strategic importance of these essential raw materials, starting in the processing onto the recycling of products and materials, including the analysis of their life cycle and reintroducing them into the value chain.

In this way, the continuous maintenance of a necessary circular and sustainable economy is guaranteed, as well as, a safer, fairer and more achievable energy and digital transition.

It is believed that through incisive communication, greater awareness and useful information can be created from and towards society, in a fundamental balance for the decarbonization process of the various sectors of the industry.

At the same time, the fundamental role of critical raw materials (and beyond) is being debated in an era of clear climate transition, in order to achieve the desired environmental goals, set out by the European Union and Portugal.

The Conference, a co-organization between EDM, ADENE, LNEG and DGEG, will start at 9:30 am, at the Reception and Welcome Center of the Aljustrel Mining Park. A guided tour of the mine gallery and the remaining recovered Industrial Heritage is also scheduled.

This event will also have the support of CM Aljustrel and Almina.

The registration link is now available HERE, until October 23rd.

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