5 Years of the Paris Agreement

| 14 December 2020

On 12th December 2020, we celebrated 5 years of the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement aims to achieve the decarbonization of the world major economies and establishes as a long-term objective, the limit of global average temperature increase, to levels below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

EDM – Empresa de Desenvolvimento Mineiro, S.A., as well as the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Action, with the support of the Portuguese Environment Agency, publish the text of the Paris Agreement, so far ratified by 189 of the 197 Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Amendments.

Approved by Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic No. 197-A/2016 and ratified by Decree of the President of the Republic No. 79-M/2016, the Agreement has a first friendly version to readers and all of those interested in the matter.

The Agreement dedicated brochure also includes texts by the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs and the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action.

The brochure also includes an infographic that summarizes the progress achieved in Portugal over the last five years, and recalls the country’s ambitious goals for achieving carbon neutrality.

Paris Agreement 2015-2020 (A4)

Paris Agreement 2015-2020 (A3)

Paris Agreement 2015-2020 – Progress Achieved in Portugal (Infographic)

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