Bragança (Municipality)
338,181.12 €
2007 - 2007

Environmental Remediation of the Ribeira Mining Area


The former mine of Ribeira, with an area of around 30 ha, is located in the civil parishes of Coelhoso and the Merger of Parishes of Parada and Faílde (Parada), belonging to the municipality and district of Bragança, around 1.5 Km to the southwest of the town of Coelhoso. Access to the mining area is provided via a dirt track with a length of around 1,500 m, from the EM541, which connects Parada to Coelhoso. Apart from the main access route, there are other smaller roads in the mining area.

The concession of this tin and tungsten mine dates back to the year 1871. It was mainly explored by means of underground mining, largely on the hillside, as a result of which there are no pits in the mining perimeter. The material removed, which is quite siliceous, was milled locally at a crushing station to paving tracks and roads.

The environmental remediation of this was carried out under two contracts, both in 2007, which consisted of the following main activities:

  • Forming of the silt spoil heaps;
  • Sealing and packing of the shafts;
  • Demolition of washing station and other buildings;
  • Seeding;
  • Recovery of the winch;
  • Conservation of heritage;
  • Landscaping.

These two contracts were awarded to MT3 – Engenharia e Obras, Lda and Jeremias de Macedo & Cia, Lda  for a total amount of  338,181.12 and had a total duration of 210 days.

The investment made was co-financed by the Northern Regional Operational Programme under the Third Community Support Framework and allowed the space circumscribed by the former mining area to be made safe for use, reducing its environmental impact and creating a pleasant space for leisure, with the best that nature has to offer.



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