Mogadouro e Freixo de Espada-à-Cinta (Municipalities)
500,594.50 €
2007 - 2007

Environmental Recovery of the Mining Area of Fonte Santa


The concession of the Fonte Santa Mine, with an area of around 30 ha, is located in the parishes of Castelo Branco and Lagoaça, which belong, respectively, to the municipalities of Mogadouro and Freixo de Espada-à-Cinta, included in the district of Bragança. However, the industrial area (washery, sludge dam) is located in the parish of Lagoaça.

The mine area is located in a very rugged region, where the elevations range from 400 to 1000 metres. The mining area itself is situated at elevations of between 400 and 550 metres.

The concession for the Fonte Santa mine began in 1956, and has since been operated through various concessions, resulting in several tungsten ore treatment facilities (washing, tanks), cuts, galleries, heap zones and excavation sites. The works were carried out along the Ponte stream, occupying an area of around 30 ha and extending over a distance of around 1,500 m. The exploration of the mine was of the mixed type, mainly through an open pit, but also with significant underground operations.

The environmental remediation work of this mining area included the aspects of safety and the environment.

In terms of safety, the interventions consisted of sealing all existing underground mine infrastructure, ensuring the protection of mining galleries, as well as the sanitation, protection and sealing of some open excavations, reducing the risk of people and animals falling into them and controlling their entry into these infrastructures.

Regarding the environment, the proposed interventions focused on the cleaning of the external part of the former “fines” dam of the washery to contain the dispersion noted, landscaping and action to contain some scattered heaps next to former mining works, and in the industrial area.

This contract was awarded to MT3 – Engenharia e Obras, Lda for € 500,594.50 and lasted for 145 days.

The investment was co-financed by the Northern Regional Operational Programme under the III Community Support Framework and made it possible to minimize the safety risks related to the galleries, excavations and cuts, which were unprotected, improve the safety at the fines dam and mitigate the impacts on the appearance and landscape of the area.

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