Mangualde (Municipality)
115,620 €
2017 - 2018

Environmental Remediation of the Póvoa de Cervães Mining Area


The former mining area of Póvoa de Cervães is located in the civil parish of Santiago de Cassurães and Póvoa de Cervães, municipality of Mangualde, district of Viseu.

It was mined for the production of uranium between 1978 and 1979 by Empresa Nacional de Urânio, EP, starting out as an underground mine. Later, it was found that the mineralization was on the surface, as a result of which it became an open-cast mine. Spoil heaps of tailings and poor ores still remain.

Around 11,630 Kg of U3O8 were produced, contained in 9,570 tons of ore with an average U3O8 content of 0.12%.

The services to be carried out in this mining area consist of the following main activities:

  • Soil drainage;
  • Removal of spoil heaps and contaminated soil;
  • Recovery and landscaping.

The investment is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund and will allow the environmental liabilities resulting from mining at this location to be resolved, bringing benefits to local populations through the improvement of current conditions and use of the areas reclaimed for other ends.

  • Vista geral após recuperação ambiental (final view)

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