Specific Legislation

Specific Concession Legislation

Decree-Law no 198A/2001, of 06 July
Establishes the legal framework for concession of the environmental rehabilitation of degraded mining areas.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers no 93/2001, of 19 August
Approves draft of the concession contract.

Joint order no 949/2001 of the ME and MAOT, of 19 October
Environmental rehabilitation project for the Jales mine heap.

Joint order no 82/2002 of the ME, MS, MAOT and MCT, of 13 December 2001
Appointment of members of the Concession Monitoring Committee (CAC).

Joint order no 83/2002 of the ME and MAOT, of 21 December 2001
Delegation of powers of the Concession Monitoring Committee (CAC) by the Grantor.

Joint order no 242/2002 of the ME and MAOT, of 14 March
List of the first 30 uranium mines integrated into the concession.

POE Regulation, measure 2.4e, of 2 April 2002
Supporting the rehabilitation of areas of mineral production.

POA Regulation, measure 2.2
Supporting the environmental sustainability of economic activities.

Joint order no 216/2003 of the ME and MCOTA, of 10 February
Remuneration of the Chairman of the Concession Monitoring Committee (CAC).

Order no 14 790/2003, of 7 July
Regulates the terms and conditions that should govern the transfer of responsibility to date held by the Environment Institute (IA) to the Institute of Waste (INR), as regards the process of environmental recovery of soils contaminated with deposits and mining heaps consisting of waste materials from the extractive activity, in most cases in abandoned mining areas.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers no 101/2003, of 10 July
Creates the Incentive Program for the Modernization of the Economy (PRIME).

Reformulation of the Regulation implementing the measure to Support the Rehabilitation of Mineral Production Areas, of 25 February 2005

Decree-Law no 60/2005, of 9 March
Abolition of the Concession Monitoring Committee (CAC) and allocation of powers of the Grantor to the members of the Government responsible for the Economy, Finance and the Environment.

Joint order no 267/2005 of the MAET, MFAP and MAOT, of 23 March
Adds 14 uranium mines to the list of the first 30 uranium mines incorporated into the concession (addendum to joint order nº 242/2002, of 05 April).

Order/SEA/2005, of 20 July 2005
Determines, under paragraph 2, that applications for exemption from the environmental impact assessment procedure for projects for the rehabilitation of mining areas subject to Environmental Impact Study (EIA), should be examined on a case by case basis, pursuant to and in accordance with the procedure laid down under Article 3 of Decree-Law nº 69/2000, of 3 May.

Order no 28176/2007 of the MAOTDR and MEI, of 24 August
Creates the Working Group to define guidelines and priorities in the field of rehabilitation of degraded areas associated with the mining industry and of contaminated sites constituting environmental liabilities.

Regulation of the Operational Program – Territorial Enhancement (POVT) – Statement of Priorities III, of 19 February 2008
Prevention, Management and Monitoring of Natural and Technological Risks – Recovery of Environmental Liabilities.

Regulation of the Central Regional Operational Program – Axis 4, of 26 March 2008
Environmental Protection and Recovery – Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites and Extractive Zones.

Regulation of the Northern Regional Operational Program – Axis 3, of September 2008
Environmental and Territorial Evaluation and Classification – Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites and Extractive Zones.

Council of Ministers Resolution no 62/2011, of 22 December
Authorization of the renewal, for a period of four years, of the concession contract for the exercise of environmental restoration activities in degraded mining areas concluded on 5 September 2001 between the Portuguese State and EXMIN – Companhia de Indústria e Serviços Mineiros e Ambientais, SA, the draft version of which was approved by Council of Ministers Resolution nº 93/2001, of 9 August, in relation to which EDM – Empresa de Desenvolvimento Mineiro, SA, assumed, under a process of merger by incorporation, the position of concessionaire.

Ordinance no 57-B/2015, of 27 February
Specific Regulation (POSEUR), which establishes the conditions of access and the financing rules of the realms of Sustainability and Efficient Resource Use, which includes the Recovery of Environmental Liabilities.

Council of Ministers Resolution nº 81/2015, of 21 September
Renewal of the concession contract for a further period of seven years, beginning on 15 December 2015.